Dr Ahmad is a pioneer of Threadlifts with over 15 years experience.
The thread lift procedure employs biodegradable polydioxanone (PDO) or Polycaprolactone (PCL) sutures or threads. It is a minimally invasive procedure in which temporary threads are used to up lift the skin. Instead of surgically removing sagging facial skin ,the cosmetic surgeon repositions it using the threads barbs. This, in turn tightens the face and draws the skin back some what. A thread elevates different areas of the face and neck, such as a browlift, Fox eye lift, Jowl lift. It provides treatment for double chin, drooping eyebrows, sagging neck, sagging jowls and sagging jowls. In essence it can provide a mini face-lift or a non surgical face-lift.

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APTOS Thread Lift

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Spring Thread

Spring Thread Lifts

A patient achieved amazing results with a recent jaw and midface lift.


Ready to elevate your natural beauty with the magic of Threadlift

Perfect contours and a youthful appearance

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For those that want to raise their eyebrows and decrease the hooded effect of upper eyelids, as well as those that just want an elegant prominently placed brows of for those looking for that fox eye lift. the choice on definition is your own.

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For those that wish to lift their jowls and cheek area to recreate that youthful appearance.

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Can be performed on its own or in conjunction with a mid facelift for that snatched killer jawline with jaw tightening.

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This can be used to treat laxity of the upper neck and lower neck. the sagging neck tissue can be repositioned to give nefretiti neck tightening, nefretiti neck lifting as well double chin treatment.

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