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  • Male Treatments

    6 Procedures

    Explore procedures specializing in addressing men’s needs.

  • Medical Dermatology

    9 Procedures

    The perfect solution for removing unsightly skin growths.

  • Female Aesthetics

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    Clinic provide many treatments from skin aging to body contouring.

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Welcome to Dr.Ahmad Clinic

  • Dr Ahmad

    Dr Ahmad is a Pioneer in Aesthetic Medicine with over 20 years experience. Dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes with use of the latest industry leading equipment and technology.
    Development of treatment protocols based on scientific research and evidence based studies to improve results and maximize patient satisfaction.

    Dr Ahmad has been involved in the development of treatment protocols based on Scientific research and development, putting him at the forefront of cutting edge Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments.

    Dr Ahmad is dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes, and delivers results unmatched elsewhere based on his years of experience and unique treatment profiles.

    1. Innovation in Dermatology Treatments

    2. 20 years of Aesthetic Treatments

    3. A Leader in Regenerative Treatments