Exclusive Cool Peel Technology

SmartXide CO2 Laser Resurfacing stands out for its exclusive CoolPeel technology. Utilizing the H-pulse, it delivers high energy in short pulses, producing impressive skin resurfacing results without thermal damage to surrounding tissue.This minimizes downtime while ensuring safe and comfortable treatment, making CO2 Laser Resurfacing an effective and convenient option for achieving smoother, rejuvenated skin.

Ready to Embrace Your Radiant Skin?

What Skin Concerns Can SmartXide CO2 Address?

SmartXide CO2 is a versatile solution designed to effectively treat a variety of
common skin concerns:

Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Rediscover smoother, more youthful skin with SmartXide CO2. This treatment targets fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production and improving skin elasticity. Over time, it restores a more supple and rejuvenated appearance.

Smooth Acne Scars:

SmartXide CO2 is an effective acne scar treatment that helps smooth and refine skin texture. Promoting skin regeneration through targeted micro-ablation, reduces the visibility of acne scars, giving you smoother and more even-looking skin.

Even Out Skin Tone:

Whether you're dealing with sun damage, age spots, or uneven pigmentation, SmartXide CO2 can help. It works to diminish pigmentation irregularities by encouraging the skin's natural healing process. This results in a more balanced and radiant complexion.

Tighten Loose Skin

Combat sagging skin and achieve a firmer, more toned appearance with SmartXide CO2. By delivering controlled energy deep into the skin, it stimulates collagen production and
tightens loose skin areas, such as the face and neck.

Fade Scars

 From surgical scars to those caused by injuries or other skin conditions, SmartXide CO2 effectively fades scars. Targeting scar tissue and encouraging new skin cell growth, helps minimize the appearance of scars, leaving behind smoother and more confident skin.

Enhance Eye Area

The delicate skin around the eyes can show signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles. SmartXide CO2 offers a specialized treatment known as the Madonna Eye Lift, which targets this area to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. This results in a brighter, more refreshed appearance
around the eyes.

Experience the Dr. Ahmad Clinics Difference:

At Dr. Ahmad Clinics, our experienced team utilizes the latest advancements in SmartXide CO2 Laser Fractional Resurfacing to deliver exceptional results. We tailor each treatment plan to meet your individual needs and goals, ensuring you achieve the most optimal outcome.


  • How long do the results of CO2 Laser Resurfacing last?

    Results can be long-lasting, especially with proper skincare maintenance and sun protection. However, individual results may vary based on lifestyle factors and skincare routines.

  • What is the downtime after SmartXide CO2 Laser treatment?

    There is minimal downtime associated with SmartXide CO2 Laser treatment. Most patients can resume normal activitiesmwithin a few days, although some redness and mild swelling may occur initially.

  • Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing safe?

    Yes, CO2 Laser Resurfacing is safe when performed by trained professionals. It utilizes advanced technology to minimize thermal damage to surrounding tissues, ensuring a comfortable treatment experience.

  • Am I a candidate for SmartXide CO2 Laser Fractional Resurfacing?

    SmartXide CO2 Laser treatments are suitable for individuals looking to address signs of aging, improve skin texture, and achieve a more radiant complexion. Consultation with our experts will determine if you are a candidate based on your
    skin type and concerns.

  • How many treatments are needed? 

    The number of treatments can vary based on individual skin concerns and goals. Typically, a series of sessions is recommended to achieve optimal results.

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